Belinda’s Barn

Belinda’s Barn is located on a ridge overlooking Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.  The white water views and the south coast views are awe-inspiring. Our home is available for rent. For month to month renters (30 days +) we offer a special flat monthly rate of $4000 and zero tax. Nightly rate for 2 people is $450, for 3-4 people $600. Add 10.5% Monterey County Tax. To book call 650-279-9065 or email


Welcome to Belinda's Barn

Welcome to Belinda’s Barn

Belinda’s Barn is our home in beautiful Big Sur.  If you haven’t been to Big Sur now is the time to plan your visit. There are a variety of great places to stay. There are plenty of hiking trails for beginners and experienced hikers. Come and enjoy our magnificent scenery. Enjoy our beaches. Pfeiffer Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Photographers line up to capture the waves crashing through the natural bridge at sunset. The waterfall cascading into the ocean at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is mesmerizing. I love to sit at the peak of the Andrew Molera State Park Headlands Trail, and watch the cresting waves from behind them as they spray rainbow colors.  Winter Sunsetnew garden bench

My husband and I purchased our barn home twelve years ago. At that time the road to the barn was a mud and bumpy track up the mountain. It was scary. The road was dry and dusty in summer and a treacherous mudslide in winter. Three years ago the road up as far as the barn was paved. I never thought I could be so excited about asphalt. When we first got the barn we didn’t think we would ever be able to spend a night in it. It was drab, drafty, and it stank.

Upstairs in the guest house

Upstairs in the guest house

The barn was known by another name in the community. It bore the name of another lady. Changing the name to Belinda’s Barn, arose out of my need to assert the new ownership, and my deep connection to this special place. While my husband and I own the property, Ken has been generous to go along with the substitution of one female name for another. Kitchen-dining area

Upstairs guest bedroom

Upstairs guest bedroom

Today, the barn is cozy, colorful, and a peaceful refuge that smells sweet – as sweet as the freshly baked bread cooling on the counter top.

Belinda’s Barn is wonderful place in which to read or write a book, meditate, or enjoy the simplicity of being.

View from upstairs bedroom window

View from upstairs bedroom window

The interior décor of the barn is fun. The living area consists of an open kitchen – dining –living room. There is a cozy reading nook with views down along the south coast. The nook is often a favorite place for family and friends to sleep.

The bathroom is simple with a shower over a tub. Our guest bedroom/study/library is sunny and welcoming by day, and the soft evening light creates a magical stillness.

The guest room in soft evening light

Our outdoor guard-cats, Gilbert and Sullivan, can be relied upon to dig up a gopher or some other gift for us.

Gilbert and Sullivan on the hunt

We enjoy watching the sunset from the meadow on the west side of the property. I hope you have enjoyed this little look into our Big Sur home. Belinda’s Barn is available for monthly rental. We have a 2 night minimum stay. It is ideal as a romantic getaway for two. If you are interested in renting the barn email Belinda at You may also phone Belinda on 650-279-9065.The barn is located on the closest ridge to the ocean above Pfeiffer Beach. You can walk to the beach from the house. It is the best location in big Sur. We charge between $450 per night for 2 people and $600 per night for 4 people. We add 10.5% Monterey county Transient Occupancy tax. There is a $100 cleaning fee. We hope to see you soon.

Sunset journey from the barn to the west meadow

Sunset journey from the barn to the west meadow

Slowly sinking sun - view from west meadow

Slowly sinking sun – view from west meadow

Another amazing sunset

Another amazing sunset









6 thoughts on “Belinda’s Barn”

  1. Alison Prielipp said:

    Hi Belinda! I loved staying at your barn while you were away traveling a few years back. The most memorable part was sitting in the windowseat of the octagon window all snuggly reading a book with the kitties. Mmmmmmmm!!!


  2. Hi Belinda! Your barn was recommended by a friend! How do I get in touch with you about staying there. My email is




  3. Thanks for liking my post on the Lift Bridge, which has led me to discover your beautiful blog. I love Big Sur! I was there three years ago to do the race, and I am planning to go back again. I’ll back to visit your blog, and do drop by again.


  4. Hi there,

    I would love to stay at you beautiful place. I am a born and raise local of Monterey and I want to stay in the Sur for my birthday in September. Your place looks amazing! I look forward to hearing from you!



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