Having taken a break from “computer writing” and having focussed on hand writing for a few months, I’m back in the land of “techno stuff.” Over the next few weeks I will continue the challenge of transcribing what I’ve written and hopefully get back to blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of travelling.

I was inspired to upload the following photos by my recent trip to France during the grape picking season. The Vendange continues for another couple of weeks. I just left France a few days ago. This is real “Everyday Life” in much of France at this time of year. I hope you enjoy the photos! The grapes are harvested at dawn so as not to risk over ripening during the picking process if done in hot sun.

Grapes on the move

The grapes make their journey to the Caves, frequently cooperatives.  On arrival they are weighed, and the sorting – triage process begins.

4000 kilos of grapes on the way to the crush

After the triage and crush the remaining skins and stems are loaded into trucks and taken back to some fields as fertiliser.

After the crush skins and stalks return to the fields