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Dear Friends,

In the last few days since I posted the excerpt from the chapter Mother Loss, 81 of you have amazed me with your responses. Thank you!

Your responses ranged from condolences on the “death” of my mother, (my mother is still alive) to very personal stories about how your mothers are still alive but lost to you for various reasons. To those of you who reacted with the gut feeling that mum had died, thank you so much for your fast and beautiful responses. I promise I will let you know when mum passes over ….. if anyone lets me know. To the others of you who have shared your experiences with me, thank you again. It is such a privilege when you allow me into your lives.

What has become very apparent to me is that the significance of the loss of a mother due to any reason other than death is still not widely understood or acknowledged.

I’m writing a memoir. A memoir isn’t just the story of what happened in a life. The author Patricia Hempl wrote “memoir isn’t for reminiscence; it’s for exploration.” I agree with her. A memoir is the story of search, and of self discovery. The memoirist explores her story on the page with you, her reader. Together we will try to understand and come to terms with what makes a person who she is. And during my journey of self-exploration I hope you will be able to look at your life and the meanings it holds. Perhaps we will discover similarities and share those. Perhaps we will ask similar questions and help each other with explanations.

Until the next time.